Case Study – a Garage Conversion in 69 Hours


When considering a garage conversion, we are often asked many questions. 2 of the most popular questions are: “how long does a garage conversion take?” and “what is involved in a garage conversion?”

The following is a case study on a typical garage conversion broken down into stages and hours to give an answer to […]

Stage 1

Our NICEIC Registered Electrical Contractor carries out the electrical first fix, in this example we:

remove the ceiling completely to facilitate the works
wire for 6nr fire rated downlights
wire for 3nr double sockets
wire 1nr BT point
Relocate existing alarm base station, keypad and sensor
Relocate sockets and light switches to make way for new door opening
Relocate consumer unit […]

Stage 2

In this example the front elevation of the property is carried by a catnic lintol that bears over the proposed internal door opening. With this in mind and after consulting with our advising structural engineer we install 2nr catnic heavy duty steel lintols to carry the additional loadings imposed.
The existing floor slab is cut […]

Stage 3

Where the difference in level between the house and garage permits, insulation is laid onto the existing floor, a Damp proof membrane is installed – linking in with external cavity trays.
In this example (our preferred method) the floor is then overlaid with a fibre reinforced cement screed. Alternate timber methods are available, but as […]

Stage 4

The window is fitted complete with trickle ventilation to provide background room ventilation. In some cases (where the garage exits onto a room rather than a hallway ) fire escape hinges would be fitted to allow escape in the event of a fire.
In this example part of the garage ceiling was covered by a […]

Stage 5

The electrical contractor carries out the installation of ceiling lights, sockets and switches – note the use of lazer alignment when fixing spotlights. Upon completion a test certificate is supplied for the homeowner.
The radiator – complete with thermostatic control valve is connected to the existing system and a check / balance of the existing […]

Stage 6

New skirtings & architraves are fitted.
Cupboards are constructed and fitted.
New door, handle etc is fitted to match the existing home.
In this example we supply and install uniclic perspective flooring.

Stage 7

All remaining rubbish / surplus material is removed.
The new and surrounding brickwork is acid cleaned.
An internal and external inspection is carried out.
Warranties, certificates etc are issued.
Building inspector carries out a final inspection and issues compliance certificate to homeowner directly.

In this example the homeowner carries out the decoration, however are happy to decorate your garage […]