Project Description

  1. In this example the front elevation of the property is carried by a catnic lintol that bears over the proposed internal door opening. With this in mind and after consulting with our advising structural engineer we install 2nr catnic heavy duty steel lintols to carry the additional loadings imposed.
  2. The existing floor slab is cut out to provide a visual inspection to ascertain the suitability of the existing foundation to carry the new loads imposed by the brickwork, blockwork and window frame. Once inspected, the brickwork to the garage reveals are “toothed” out in preparation for the new brickwork & blockwork.
  3. The cavity is fully insulated with Rockwool cavity batts.
  4. Dual cavity trays are inserted to ensure that any penetrating water will be dispersed back through the front brickwork via the newly inserted “weep vents”, One of these cavity trays is also linked in with the newly inserted floor DPM.
  5. Works to date are inspected by the building inspector