Do you want a larger bedroom? Would you like more bedrooms, for when guests visit or so your children don’t have to share any more? These are some of the great reasons that our customers give when asking us to convert their garage in to a bedroom. Garage conversion is a quick and cost-effective process that gives you space to live (and sleep) in. Here at Xtrend, we have over 20 years experience of doing just that.

Why Convert Your Garage In to a Bedroom?

Converting your garage in to a bedroom is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Adding another bedroom elevates your property into another category and price-band when coming to sell it. There are far more benefits to a garage conversion than the return on investment though. Our clients enjoy the luxury of a large master bedroom; they love the lack of squabbling between their children now they have room to spread out, and their friends and family appreciate not having to sleep on the sofa when they visit. Bedrooms are equal to living rooms as being one of the most important rooms in any home. What other room do you spend up to eight hours a day in? Having the perfect sleeping environment, especially when we’re all doing less of it than ever before, is thus hugely important – and something worth investing in.

Why a Garage Conversion?

If you’re thinking of adding a new bedroom then, for most people, there are three main options:

  • Extension
  • Loft conversion
  • Garage conversion

Whilst an extension can seem an attractive option, it is also usually also the most expensive and time consuming option. People often miss the extra garden space that an extension consumes. It is for these reasons that many consider a loft conversion, however, this is often fraught with difficulties too. Builders struggle with finding a convenient place to put the new stairs and most home owners are suprised at how small the usuable space in a loft is once the angle of the ceiling is taken in to account. It also requires builders to trudge all through your house for weeks until the work is done. A garage conversion suffers from none of these. Within two weeks we can have finished the quick and simple steps required to give you a brand new bedroom. It’s the quickest and cheapest option, which causes almost no inconvenience to yourself; that’s why we’ve seen such a large growth in garage conversions in recent years.

Why Xtrend?

Our customers choose Xtrend for a variety of reasons. For most, our proven track record of producing stunning conversions at a highly competitive price-point is enough. Others are swayed by the knowledge that we’re a part of Mason & Mason Construction Solutions – one of the largest and best known construction firms in Staffordshire and Cheshire. Any change to your home is a large decision, not to be taken lightly, that’s why we’re more than happy to send one of our garage conversion specialists to you for a no-hassle, no-pressure, completely free and commitment-free discussion about how you might add thousands to the price of your home.

Find out how easy converting your garage might be today.