Wanting to experience the magic of the cinema in your own home? If the sights and sounds of a 100″ projector screen and 7.1 surround sound portraying epic scenes with power and purity is something you crave, why let a lack of space get in your way? For a surprisingly low cost we can convert your garage into the cinema experience of a lifetime. Sitting down in a custom converted room with the latest films or games console makes the experience special again. As importantly, you can turn your living room back in to a social space, no longer dominated by the large-screen TV.

Why Convert your Garage in to a Home Cinema?

Many choose to convert their garage in to a living-room and use their existing living room for their movie watching. It is, however, often cheaper and quicker to convert your garage in to a home-cinema. A home cinema can really benefit from being custom designed. Fewer windows means that there’s no chance of light creeping in and ruining the picture – and it also makes it a more secure area for housing your expensive television, projector, amp and all your other home cinema kit. Some choose to have the walls coated to take advantage of the already good acoustic characteristics of a garage shaped room. Indeed, a single garage is the perfect shape for such a set-up:

Undisturbed by people traveling through the living room to the kitchen, dining room or elsewhere, a garage conversion offers the height of home theatre luxury. We’d be more than happy to advise on:

  • Acoustic insulation
  • Equipment placement
  • Local audiovisual vendors
  • Any other aspect of creating your perfect room

A Sound Investment

If you’re just about to spend out thousands on speakers etc, then you should absolutely consider getting the best from them. Acoustic experts put absolute importance on speaker positioning and thus a small amount spent on the ideal room for your equipment will present itself in a large improvement in overall quality of experience. Of course any garage conversion adds thousands to the value of your home, so why not do it in such a way that will give you years of entertainment?

Treat yourself, convert your garage into a home cinema.

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