Working frequently from home? Struggling to concentrate due to constant interruptions? Instead of paying out rent for an office you do not own, why not convert your garage in to a home office? Not only can a home office be a necessity due to other responsibilities and commitments, it can increase your productivity and be an excellent cost-conscious investment.

A home office/study garage conversion

Over 35% of parents now work at home. Increasingly it is becoming a neccesity in many jobs. Some put up with using the dining table or working from the sofa, but most quickly find that for serious work more is needed. At Xtrend we provide a low-cost, simple solution that will allow you to work solidly on your task in comfortable and suitable conditions. The best of all – it utilises a room that most have, but that few use for anything, but storage.

A garage conversion may cost several months worth of rent for a similar size floor-space in the same area, but saves on travel, allows you to totally customise it, lowers your monthly bills and most importantly, you still own your home office conversion at the end of that time. It is, of course, significantly cheaper than building a new extension or loft conversion. Not only that, but you may be able to save more by taxing off the cost of electricity and other standard bills for that office – saving you on your return each year. The Inland Revenue provide a helpful guide on how much you could save.

Home offices aren’t just for self-employed individuals though. If you need to do any work at home they provide a quiet place to sit down and concentrate on that work. Equally, when you’re not using the room, it provides a place where your children can get their homework done, and study for exams, where you know they wont get distracted. If you’ve not worked from home before then you’ll be saving on the commute, can work in casual clothes and will start enjoying the benefits of having a stocked fridge close at hand.

We can work with you designing the room and make sure that there are enough power points, network ports, telephone points and any other connections you need to place your equipment where you need.

If you currently work from then you will know how difficult it can be to separate home life from your work. With a separate home office you can close the door at 5pm and leave your work behind, meaning that your home becomes a home again. Discuss how a home office might work for you today.