Need more living space? Converting your garage in to a living room is one of the best ways to add value to your house. As part of any home renovation you should consider the advantages of making use of your garage for a cheap, easy and quick way to add floor space.

The cost of converting your garage in to a living room

Garage conversions are both surprisingly quick and cheap. The typical cost of converting a single garage is around £4995, whilst a double garage can be converted for as little as £8495. Factors to take in to account include:

  • how many plug sockets would you like?
  • where and how large would you like any windows?
  • does the property have any quirks that would need to be worked around? is it listed building for example?
  • would you like us to decorate the finished room for you?

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The Advantages

If you’re struggling with your children taking over the lounge and want a bit of quiet space for yourself, then a sitting room garage conversion may be an excellent solution for you. Our customers are surprised by how much of a difference converting their garage has made to their enjoyment of their home…

“We were originally looking at moving home, and one of the main reasons for this was the small lounge / dining room area. We now have a much bigger dedicated dining room and a brand new contemporary living room where we can really chill out – for us it has given our house a new lease of life!”

James Morgan, Macclesfield

In times of sliding house prices and a slow property market, creating a stand-out room can elevate your home to the top of estate agents lists and increases the price of the property substantially.

Did you know your garage conversion could be complete in less than two weeks? This means the disruption is minimal and the impact is near immediate. When a garage conversion can yield up to 300 square foot of extra living space to relax in, at a cost far below that of loft conversions, planning to convert your garage in to a modern living room has to be a question of ‘why not?’.

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